Guiding the Convergence of Fintech with the Financial Industry


We’ve spent over 50 combined years in banking. This time includes over a decade of investing in B2B Technology FinTech companies and championing  partnerships between our Banks and these FinTech’s.   We are on a mission to continue faciliating the convergence of FinTech’s with the broader Financial Industry.


We bring a hands-on approach, ‘Beyond the Board Room,’ to facilitate growth in each portfolio company. This value add approach brings curated expertise to the specific needs of each company. Whether we are working with them to sell into large banks and finacial instutitions or advising them on sustaining their culture through rapid growth, our domain expertise is readily available to our companies to achieve their growth objectives.


years of combined venture capital, investment banking and operating experience


years of combined venture capital, investment banking and operating experience


Commercial Partnerships between Vanessa’s teams investments and two banks


We are focused on leading or co-leading transactions across North America. As a lead investor, we take a market driven and creative approach to value and structure, ensuring a win, win partnership from the start. We also work with our companies to bring additional investors to the table.


We are focused on companies that have been around for a few years. They typcially have ARR of  >$5MM and are selling their product to multiple customers. Entering at this stage removes both technical and market risk and allows us to focus on operational risk, a risk our expertise and ‘Beyond the Board Room’ approach allows us to heavily mitigate. Our initial investments into a company will typcially be at the Series A, B and C rounds.


Given our hands on approach and our willingess to advise and work with companies early in our pipeline, we don’t expect to compete on price. Additionally, we see attractive industry fundamentals and market tailwinds over the next 18 – 24 months, that drive lower valuations at the stages we focus.


Given our deep domain expertise, we are able to support portfolios with more than just capital and pontifications at board meetings. We bring numerous defined tactics and strategies to our companies; all of which are designed to accelerate a company’s growth. We work with founders before investment on where we can add value. Each company has the opportunity to curate what constitues value add to their unique circumstances. 


Achieving alpha while mitigating volatily is built into our investment DNA. By supporting company’s at their early growth stage, taking on risk we are compfortable mitigating through our experise and hands-on approach and by knowing how to align our companies to the greatest number of potential exits, we have demonstrated the ability to achieve alpha with minimal volatility.  Additionally, we know and understand the enoromus consistent demand among strategic aquirers. We converse with them frequently and have our finger on the pulse of what technologies matter to them the most. 

Vanessa Vreeland

Founder & Managing Partner

Over 25 years of venture capital and private equity experience. Vanessa has led teams, at prior firms, that put over $600MM to work into a variety of funds and into over 50 companies across multiple stages and industries including 19 in B2B Technology FinTech. Her team’s investments generated high ROI and drove over a dozen strategic partnership discussions which led to three acquisitions and six meaningful strategic partnerships/ commercialization relationships. 

Adam Davies

Managing Partner

Over 25 years investment banking experience. Adam has advised a diverse universe of public and private companies and investors on a broad variety of corporate finance strategies and transactions, ranging from acquisitions and divestitures to raising private capital from venture stage through maturity, and accessing the public equity markets in IPOs, follow-on and equity-linked offerings.

Lisa Tiller

Over 20 years of sales and marketing expertise. Lisa is an experienced entrepreneur, co-founding MedShift, a MedTech/FinTech,  in 2015. She has designed and grown SaaS go-to-market strategies and teams resulting in significant expansion in revenue.

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